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For approximately three years (2018-2021) Stuart Klein and I traded and manipulated digital imagery back and forth, mostly with Stuart himself as muse and primary subject.  Here are some of the results from these collaborations.

Stuart As Cher with Socks
Which Came First?
Walk/Don't Walk
Groovy Stuarts
Purple Hill Gang
Stuart as Cyborg
Stuart as Gustave Courbet
John Krasinski as Jesus
WTF! Skeletal Stuart with Carrots
Stuart as Specter
Stuart as Cher with Klein Artwork
Stuart in Hajib
OY! (Stuart in Pink Bedroom)
Black Forest Trading Post
Stuart in Beehive Wig
Tom Turkey with Carrot (after Whistler)
Disembodied Stuart
Diana Dresses for Halloween
Stuart with Beard
Six Stuarts
Colonial Stuart with Carrots
Stuart as Chagall Stained Glass
Two Stuarts
Stuart Has Knee Surgery
Elizabethan Stuart with Ducks
Stuart as Cher with Gold Jewelry
Captain, We Have Visual Contact (Klein Artwork)
Stuart as Protozoan Rabbi
As God Is My Witness!
Stuart As Cyborg 2
Wood/Klein Collabs: New Work
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